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I am a Software Developer by profession, and I am pretty good at my job 🙂 but that’s not all that defines me.

I am an avid traveller. I take out my bike and race away to the hills and mountains every month. Travelling gives me peace, adventure and food for thoughts and I love to express them in the form of poetry, which can be found in this blog.

I am a bike lover and I love my Orange sports bike and I love speed. Adventure is just what brings me out of stress.


I am a sensitive guy, and even though I tend to hide my feelings on my face, this is the place where I open up and express myself in my poems.
Williams Wordsworth said:

Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.

My poems may not be great, they may not be that beautiful, I may not have the exact words, but they are my efforts to let out my inside, my feelings and my emotions.

I am a die-hard romantic person, and love is what makes me sensitive, caring, thoughtful and more human everyday. So if anybody wants to understand my inner self, this is the space where they would find my feelings in my words.


I am a creative person and I need a constant motivation, inspiration and space to express my creative being. This space is one such channel of my creativity. I love painting and clay modelling as other channels of my creativity.


I am also a passionate guy, and this space is just a result of my passion for writing. I hope you will enjoy what I write and probably relate my poems with your daily lives and your emotions.


For my professional biodata visit My Work Profile
Thanks for visiting and reading about me 🙂 Do read my poems!!!

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